About Instructor

Master Sadegh Shajirat
Chief Instructor | 6th Dan Kukkiwon
Instructor: Grand Master Mohammed Reza Shams

Master Sadegh has been training in taekwondo since the age of twelve with Grand Master Mohammed Reza Shams who trained in Korea and introduced taekwondo in Ahwaz and South Iran. His latest grading/exam was back in 1994 for black Belt 4th Dan with Iranian Taekwondo Federation. He has attended both as a participant and as a referee in several events and competition. 

​Teaching Experience
Master Sadegh Shajirat has been teaching taekwondo in UK since 2003 in the Wonford Fitness (Exeter), at Swiss Cottage community and Action Vale Community Center. Since 2007 started an after school project to teach taekwondo at schools in Islington Taekwondo (London) and running Karoon Taekwondo Academy in Central London. 

Competition Experience
Iranian open champion-1992 silver medal with Coach Master Frshad Moradi,Military Services Champion 1993 gold medal with Coach Master Jamal Sohrabe in Karman.Open University 1993 gold medal with Coach Master Manocher Nely Ardakani.Master Sadegh is members with:Kukkiwon World Taekwondo HeadquartersWTF World Taekwondo Federation BTCB British Taekwondo Federation ETU European Taekwondo Union​

“Doing Tae Kwon-Do is fun way to exercise and keep fit and makes me feel young.I like to pass on my knowledge and experience to my students , and hope they will do the same . Tae Kwon-Do is my way of life , I enjoy watching my students achieve a goal, that they set , from their first training day to black belt.“​

KAROON Training program
A unique program.

Karoon   Taekwondo   Academy   is   a   Taekwondo Dojang  Club  for  people  of  all  ages  with  differing levels  of  ability  to  train  together,  have  fun  and enjoy    the    martial    art    of    Olympic    Style    World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)  to  their  own  level  of  achievement.  So whether  you  wish  to  train  to  competition  level  or just   for   general   fitness,   this   London   martial   art academy is suitable for you.

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